How To Improve Your Relationship With Bongs

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If you are someone who enjoys smoking legal tobacco or herbal mixes with bongs, then you no doubt understand what is meant by having a relationship with your piece. When you use anything habitually like this, especially for a recreational activity, you can become quite attached to it and develop rituals for cleaning and using it.

The following will examine some tropes that anyone who routinely uses herbal mixes for bongs will relate to.


Spilling the piece

Everyone bong owner knows the mixture of emotions that strike when a piece is spilt, especially if it’s been used heavily and is filled with gunk. There’s nothing quite as foul smelling as the gunky residue of tobacco smoking from a glass piece, and it can be a nightmare to get the smell out of a piece of carpet.

The best way to avoid spilling your bong is to not be a careless idiot around it. If you keep it on the floor near other things, then it’s easy to knock into it and cause a spill. Lots of items that you keep on the floor of your bedroom (like a shoebox) can be knocked and bumped by you passing by, so storing your piece around that area means you will accidentally be careless eventually.

The smartest thing to do is make sure your bong is empty when you aren’t using it so that if it gets knocked over there won’t be a spill. If you do stain a carpet with a spill, get in there and clean it straight away before the stain can set in and become harder to remove later.


Breaking the piece

If you are a bong user, then the only thing more tragic than spilling the piece is when it breaks. This could be caused by being clumsy while cleaning it, or even a pet knocking it off a countertop (looking at you cats).

Naturally, you want to be careful if a glass bong breaks since shards of glass can be easy to miss and step on. If you do break a piece, stand back and try to cordon off the area where the shattered glass has spread out and work systematically to ensure you don’t miss any tiny pieces.


Naming the piece


Sometime naming the piece can bring a whole new level of sentimental value to the bong and make it more special to use. When naming, trying to come up with names that match the feeling you get from it, a name that jumps out at you.

There was once someone who had a piece that was from a manufacturer that used an image of woolly mammoth in its branding. Thusly, the piece was named ‘Manny’, after the popular animate children’s character from Dreamworks Ice Age.

The kind of name you pick will mostly come down to your personal preferences and what makes the most sense to you. You don’t want to name a piece with something unnatural that doesn’t roll of the tongue.


Care and maintenance

One of the best things you can do to keep your piece in good condition is to do a routine clean with a cleaning solution so that the gunk does not build up on it. Ideally you should do this each night before bed, so it does not fester overnight.

Hopefully the above helps you with caring for your bong.