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Need A Plumber? 5 Signs You Simply Cannot Ignore

If your water system is working reasonably well, then it’s easy to ignore, however, ignoring the problem is only going to make matters a lot worse!

If your water system is working reasonably well, then it’s easy to simply ignore any subtle, innocuous signs that your pipes need attention. We all know that serious water woes can set you back a lot of money.

However, it’s important to remember that ignoring the problem is only going to make matters a lot worse. So, even if you are strapped for cash at the moment (and let’s face it, most people are), here are several signs that you need a plumber!

Flaky or peeling wallpaper

Most homeowners or tenants pass this one off as the adhesive glue fades from the wall. This is correct; however, you might be ignoring the cause of the glue losing its effect. If the wallpaper has been recently applied, then it shouldn’t start peeling or fading for years. 

Peeling wallpaper is often a sign that you might have a small pipe leak in the walls. The plaster is likely absorbing any moisture draining from the pipe, which is causing the wallpaper to become flaky. If the wallpaper is fading in rooms surrounding your bathroom or a common water outlet, you should certainly reach out to your local plumber as soon as possible.

Ceiling marks or stains

Scuff marks on your ceiling are usually related to your water system. If you begin noticing small ceiling stains, then you should get in touch with a plumber promptly. These stains are often a sign that water is accumulating in your ceiling space and being absorbed into the plaster. This is what causes those nasty-looking stains. If you choose to ignore these stains, then expect them to grow a lot bigger quite quickly.

Continually blocked drains

It’s common for a drain to become blocked every now and then. However, if you notice that several water outlets throughout your home are blocked consistently, it might be time to get help from a plumber.

The pipes might have lost their structural integrity (which can happen over time and with age), or there might be something lodged in the pipe that can’t be removed with conventional chemical cleaners. If you’ve tried chemical anti-blocking agents and hot water, then it’s probably time to reach out for professional help.

What’s that knocking sound?

If you feel like your pipes are producing a “knocking” sound, then don’t worry because you’re not going crazy. This sound is likely coming from the water hammer or a loose valve somewhere in your water system. You’ll generally only hear this sound when you’re running your shower or bath, or even just running water through your kitchen sink.

Either way, it’s something you should not ignore. A simple valve replacement isn’t expensive, however, leaving the issue to dwell could cause more serious problems down the road. Be proactive and get it sorted via your local plumber.

Poor water temperature

In those chilly winter months, it’s common for your water heater to take a few extra minutes to produce hot water. However, if this is happening during the warmer times of the year, then it might be indicative of a fault with your water heater. If your system suddenly stops heating water completely, then chances are your thermostat is defective. Get in touch with a trusted and reliable plumber today, so you don’t have to worry about cold showers.

At the end of the day, these are just some of the many water system issues you can encounter as a homeowner or tenant. The last thing you should do is ignore them, no matter how innocuous or minor they seem. Reach out to your local plumber or call your landlord for assistance.

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